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YComply is a consultancy firm specialising in offering bespoke compliance consultancy services and regulatory expertise to a select group of clients. After spending 15 years in the financial services industry, we are ideally placed to assist firms with a range of issues from authorisation to independent compliance reviews to ad-hoc rule interpretations to a total compliance outsourcing package.

In financial services regulation, certainty is paramount

Our clients rely on us to provide them with specialist compliance consultancy services and support in an ever-evolving regulatory environment. We guide you through the process and ease the transition to regulated life.

Our professional Compliance consultancy services INCLUDE

Central bank of ireland Authorisations

At YComply, we have the knowledge and expertise to assist applications for your authorisation and licence from the Central Bank of Ireland.

Regulatory Applications

At YComply, we have the expertise in dealing with changes to your firm’s license and other regulatory applications

Thematic Reviews

Tailored support on thematic reviews to assist our clients in staying ahead of the ever-changing regulatory landscape


At YComply we can provide ongoing tailored support to clients in a broad range of sectors.We alleviate the compliance burden so that you can focus on your clients.

Why partner with ycomply?

Compliance requires clarity, which is vital for successful financial services. Knowledge and accurate information together with confidence and honest delivery must be at its’ core for both client and adviser alike. To this end YComply compliance consultancy services specialist.

Sectors we serve

OUR Core values


At YComply our core focus is to help Financial Services Providers toward correct actions, a more ethical culture and fairness. This ensures that our customers will have complete trust in us, as well as in their own firm, thus allowing their reputation and profits to grow.


At YComply, our clients are assured that we deliver our range of services whilst adhering to high moral principles and professional standards.


If you look up the word ‘Compliance’ in a dictionary it is unlikely to find a true definition that is of any significance in the context of financial services. It is more Likely you will find something along the lines of ‘obedience to a rule’, which is the first concept that people tend to grasp when they think of Compliance as a form of in-house police force!

Regulation is undoubtedly the catalyst and ultimate justification of all regulatory compliance within the Financial Services industry. It is true that there would not be a Compliance function or a Compliance officer if there had not first been a regulatory system in which to put them. The Financial services industry has purposes to serve beyond the enrichment of those that it employs directly such as the ultimate winner- your customers.

  • Central Bank of Ireland
  • The Director of Corporate Enforcement
  • The Irish Stock Exchange
  • The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission
  • Pensions Authority
  • Data Protection Commission

Irrespective of the model, there are a few common responsibilities that all Firms need to assume to meet the brief to ‘stop things going wrong’ from a regulatory perspective, and to help to deal with them if they do.

This is a concern for many firms, and the key strategy to take is ‘do not panic’.  From time to time the Central Bank of Ireland write to Financial Services Providers for many reasons such as:

  • To carry out a thematic review
  • ‘Dear CEO’ letters
  • To carry out an investigation
  • An article in the press that mentioned your firm’s name
  • A complaint by consumers to the Financial Services Ombudsman


Euro Notes to depict Financial Compliance in Ireland

Compliance Is At The Heart Of Ireland’s Financial Stability

YComply Managing Director, Ruth Gaffney, explains the important role regulatory compliance plays in protecting a company’s reputation and profits YComply is a regulatory compliance consultancy firm that was founded by Ruth Gaffney in 2020. Ruth spent over twenty years working primarily in the insurance industry both in London in Professional

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protecting your company's reputation and your profits

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