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Central Bank of Ireland Authorisations

The Authorisation process can be time consuming and sometimes complex. At YComply, we have the relevant knowledge and expertise to assist your Firm to apply for your authorisation and correct license to practice in Ireland from the Central Bank of Ireland

Regulatory Applications

At YComply, we have the expertise in dealing with changes to your firm’s license and other regulatory applications which include: changes in PCF roles, Retirement of a Director or C.E.O., change in the legal status of your firm, potential acquisition by another firm. We can assist and manage this process for you.

Thematic Reviews

At YComply we continue to keep up to date on these important industry issues and risks affecting our clients. Thematic reviews is carried out by specialised expertise. YComply can provide tailored support on thematic reviews, leading the project on your behalf, focusing on the issues highlighted by the Central Bank, and compile a report to you on any weaknesses and suggest any necessary changes that need to be completed.

Ongoing Support

Regulated firms in Ireland face some challenges in meeting rapidly changing regulatory requirements. At YComply we can provide ongoing tailored support to clients in a broad range of SECTORS. YComply will alleviate the compliance burden so that you can focus on what your clients. We will work with you to understand and establish your needs and tailor a compliance programme most suitable for your firm.

This ongoing support includes:

  • On-site Compliance Reviews/Audits
  • On call remote support
  • Ad-hoc Compliance support for a specific area

Expert Witness Reports

YComply has extensive knowledge and expertise to support firms when they need specialised advice or they require expert reports. Our independent objective is usually called on in litigation or as part of a dispute resolution. YComply offers an impartial expert opinion relating to the evidence or facts that will be put before the courts, utilising our combination of industry knowledge and experience. Our experts cover Financial Advisers, Mortgage Intermediaries, Retail Banks, Insurance Companies, Wealth Managers and Pension Companies.

Pension Switching: Re: Defined Benefit Schemes

The changing landscape of the Pensions industry has led to the closing down of many defined benefit Pension schemes. The impact of unsuitable pension transfer advice on consumers is significant. As a result of this, firms operating in this area are and will be subject to detailed examination from the Central Bank of Ireland. We offer a pre and post- sale review of the advice your firm or advisers have given to your clients. We will ensure that your firm’s existing procedures meet the rules and guidance from the Central Bank. In a competitive advice driven market, your firm will appreciate this service to maintain their reputation.

Assistance with Regulatory Investigations and/or Complaints

Firms may find themselves exposed to a one-off Compliance risk which is outside of their own expertise. This may arise from a visit or investigation from the Central Bank, a complaint from a consumer, or be subject to legal proceedings. We carry out the investigative work and can assist on the regulatory expectations so that your firm can operate in a compliant manner.

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